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MedGem is valuable and innovative medical care. Since 2020, our mission is to create trusted healthcare delivered to our patients.

We are known for being one of the best telehealth companies in the country. We desire to continue partnering together under a new brand: MedGem.

The ability to get connected to innovative care from wherever you are located starts now.

MedGem Telehealth Solutions: Comprehensive, Convenient, and Tailored Healthcare Services

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Ongoing Conditions

Women’s & Men’s Health

Conditions We Treat

MedGem offers a range of telehealth services from treatment for minor illnesses and skin-related conditions to the management of ongoing health issues. Experience personalized healthcare with our dedicated men’s and women’s health services. With MedGem, access effective and precise treatments right at your fingertips.

MedGem Telehealth: Your One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive and Personalized Healthcare

MedGem’s telehealth solutions offer a comprehensive range of medical services addressing various health concerns. They cater to a variety of minor illnesses that can be treated without an in-person consultation, saving patients the inconvenience of travel and waiting rooms. They also have a dedicated dermatology service to manage and treat skin-related conditions, offering convenience and quick access to specialized medical advice.

Their telehealth platform includes care for ongoing conditions. These are typically chronic conditions that require regular monitoring and management. With MedGem, patients can receive consistent care and health tracking from the comfort of their homes.

As one of the best telehealth companies, MedGem also provides services specifically designed for both men’s and women’s health. Their Men’s Health services could address issues like prostate health, sexual health, heart health, mental health, and more. The Women’s Health services likely cover areas such as gynecological issues, pregnancy and postnatal care, menopause, and other female-specific health concerns. Both these dedicated services aim to provide personalized and tailored healthcare solutions for men and women respectively. The emphasis on gender-specific healthcare allows them to offer more precise and effective treatments.


To sum it up, MedGem is equipped to handle a wide range of medical conditions through its telehealth platform, making healthcare more accessible and tailored to its patients’ needs.

Why Join MedGem Telehealth Solutions?

Based on the range of services MedGem offers, there are several reasons why someone might want to use MedGem as their healthcare solution:


MedGem’s telehealth solutions allow patients to receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes, which is particularly useful for individuals with mobility issues, those who live in remote areas, or those with busy schedules.

Wide Range of Services

MedGem caters to a variety of health concerns, from minor illnesses to ongoing conditions. This broad scope of services allows patients to address most of their healthcare needs within one platform.

Specialized Care

With specialized services for dermatology, men’s health, and women’s health, MedGem can offer more tailored and precise treatments, improving the overall effectiveness of care.

Chronic Condition Management

For patients dealing with ongoing health issues, consistent tracking and management can be crucial. MedGem’s services for ongoing conditions can provide this, making it easier for patients to manage their health over time.

Reduced Exposure to Illness

In a traditional healthcare setting, sick patients share waiting areas, which can lead to the spread of diseases. Telehealth solutions like those offered by MedGem help minimize this risk.

Ease of Access

Some people may find it challenging to see a specialist due to long waiting times or geographical barriers. Telehealth platforms can make it easier to access specialist care.

In essence, MedGem’s telehealth solutions provide a flexible, comprehensive, and efficient approach to healthcare, making it a compelling choice for many individuals.

How does MedGem work?

Using MedGem’s telehealth services is a simple, three-step process:

Book an

Users first schedule an appointment through the MedGem platform. They can choose a convenient date and time that fits their schedule, and also specify their preferred healthcare provider if they have one.

Speak to a

At the scheduled appointment time, users engage in a virtual consultation with their healthcare provider. This could be a video call, audio call, or even a chat-based interaction, depending on the platform's features and the patient's preferences.

Get access
to Care

During the consultation, the doctor in Houston, TX will discuss the patient's health concerns, make diagnoses, suggest treatments, or adjust ongoing management plans as necessary. The healthcare provider might also prescribe medication, which can typically be sent directly to a pharmacy for pickup or delivery.

Essentially, MedGem offers a streamlined process for individuals to receive medical care digitally, thereby making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Membership Benefits & Pricing


  • Adults: $65 per visit
  • Children: $55 per visit

    17 years and under

  • Visit: 30 min



  • Adults: $35 per month
  • Children: $25 per month

    17 years and under

  • Fee: $100 enrollment fee

    each Month

Available Locations for MedGem Services:

Whether you are looking for a specialist in Richmond, VA or a doctor in Houston, TX, we have got you covered.

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